Sam Newick

I, Sam Newick, have a dream for world peace. With world peace, people would be able to enjoy the freedom of trying new things, the freedom to partake in a job, and the freedom to travel without fear. The homeless would no longer need to live in a world where people look down on them, as with peace comes productivity. And with productivity comes the prosperity of everyone no matter their social, economic, or racial class. That is why world peace would mean a lot to not just me but to the entire world.

World Peace is when people have more rights or responsibility. Women will more equal job opportunities. Everyone will be treated the same. People will be taught kindness.

Kindness is people helping others. And being encouraging. Kindness will be based on respect and caring for one another.

People with disabilities will have all opportunities. They will be able to learn as they want. They also will not be treated with disrespect.