Jeana Marie

My Name is Jeana Marie and I’m gonna tell you things about me.

I love to draw pictures and I love watching ‘The Simpsons’. (How many of you watch ‘The Simpsons’? Well then, you’ll be familiar with the couch gag’. What’s a couch-gag’ you may ask? Let me show you.)

The opening credits have the Simpsons, running into the living room to their couch, where something funny always happens.
There was a time that the producers of the show asked their fans to send in their own couch gags, an I’m gonna show you mine.

1) The couch gag starts with the living room without the couch and the family runs in
2) Homer runs to the spot the couch is supposed to be, but Marge and the kids just stood behind him and stared at him.
3) Suddenly, the couch bounces on Homer like a ball and Homer cries out ‘D’oh!’ when the couch bounces on him and Marge and the kids follows the bouncing couch with their eyes.